10 CREEPY Abandoned Places – LISTVERSE.COM


x Bookmark A terrifying abandoned asylum, a city of God beyond salvation, a creepy abandoned temple with an ancient curse, and more! SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: https:// TWITTER: https://twitter.com/listverse New videos every week! Something about abandoned, neglected places gets the old fear meter up into the red for most people. The places …

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Top 5 CREEPIEST Places YouTubers Have Explored


x Bookmark Top 5 Creepiest, Spookiest, & Scariest Places That YouTubers Have Visited, Been To, or Explored! These creepy and scary abandoned places include random buildings, hospitals, and a bunch of really weird stuff. Giveaway: https://gleam.io/Z650p/1500-insane-gaming-giveaway Follow Me on Twitter: ORIGINAL VIDEOS: 5. Abandoned Asylum Caught On Camera: https:// 4. …

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Finding Life (and New Friends) in Abandoned Places


x Bookmark For explorer Leslie Muir, every abandoned building has a backstory waiting to be told through photographs. One day, while exploring what she thought was an abandoned house, she met Lawrence, the home’s lone resident. Alone and in poor health, Lawrence needed medical attention. Instead of turning away, Muir …

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Abandoned Joliet Arsenal-Strange Places


x Bookmark Strange Places takes a trip to the abandoned Joliet Army Ammunitions plant in Illinois, a massive facility that boasts eight individual plants, hundreds of bunkers, and other abandoned buildings. Years ago, JAAP was a thriving munitions factory. It produced 57% of American’s TNT during World War Two. Now …

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