Abandoned Places
Hobo Hut! (Warning: HOBO!)
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Yeah so me and my sister decided to check out the Japanese festival and later on I met up with some friends! It was a really fun day, stay tuned for part 2! To see another vlog check out my… Read more
This was a factory that closed and then was converted into a plastics recycling center, which was then abandoned. This is our first “industrial” explore, we normally like to stick to houses,… Read more
Túra csatorna: facebook: termékek: https://abandonedinhungary.wordp… Read more
After another long drive up through Nevada, I returned to the Silver Reef Mine with Tony, Shawn, and Ashley so that we could explore the upper and lower levels that I skipped over on my initial… Read more
The village of Wünsdorf lays 40 kilometers south from Berlin, and hides away a secret, a historic and beautiful abandoned secret. Music by Kevin MacLeod Track One: Second coming – No Percussion… Read more
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GII-WebTV Season 2 Episode 6 – Anomalys From Base Ghost Intelligent Investigations first Paranormal Investigation of 2015. The team conduct a vigil into the paranormal activity in their house… Read more