Abandoned Places
Hobo Hut! (Warning: HOBO!)
check this place out! As well as my other videos! Read more
Detroit Vlog – Welcome To Detroit
I just moved in from New York City! Manhattan born and raised biotch…I’ll be keeping track of my experience in Detroit through these vlogs!!!! LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE PEOPLE!!! Give… Read more
Just Put It To Confuse

Just Put It To Confuse

Videos December 24, 2014 15

A long awaited trip to the middle of the sea to visit Maunsell Forts. And Subway. The sandwich place. We have one now. At the top of the road. My friend Tobys putting the documentary we made… Read more
Exploring the Old Los Angeles Zoo
How did Orlando and I celebrate our 3-year anniversary? By exploring the Old Los Angeles Zoo, the abandoned zoo located inside Griffith Park. Check out what … Read more