Why Is Machu Picchu Considered Sacred and One of the Best Places for Spiritual Retreats?


Machu Picchu is located in Peru, to the northwest of Cusco above a cloud covered mountain ridge in the Urubamba Valley. The Inca emperor Pachacuti constructed the site around 1400 AD. The Incas then abandoned the place about a century later. Machu Picchu has been referred to as “The Lost City of the Incas”. It was rediscovered in 1911 by Yale archaeologist Hiram Bingham, but remained untouched by man until that point.

Machu Picchu measures around five square miles and is astrologically aligned, and has approximately 200 buildings. The Sacred District consists of three main buildings. The buildings are the Temple of the Sun, the Intihuatana and and the Room of the Three Windows. About 1,200 people lived in and around Machu Picchu during the time of the Incas. It is believed that the buildings were built by professional Inca architects.

The Incas gave special religious meaning to the mountains of Machu Picchu, and its location is the main reason that is is thought to be a sacred destination. Today, the area is said to be a major energy vortex on the earth. The area is believed to be very powerful since it sits at the base of two energy vortices. These vortices are made up of two concentrated rings of energy. These rings work like templates for the electrical and magnetic vortices that surround Machu Picchu.

An energy vortex is a spot of high energy found on the electromagnetic field of the earth´s energy. Each earth vortex is said to resemble the energy chakras in the human body. Ley lines link the energy vortices together throughout the earth.

Shamans are intermediaries between our human world and the world of spirit. Shamans heal physical ailments by working with the spirit. Shamans are believed to be able to enter into other dimensions to get answers about how to bring about balance and restoration. They work on the level of the soul or spirit to heal on the physical level.

Peru is a wonderful place for a spiritual journey because of its sacredness and beauty. Spiritual retreats to Machu Picchu allow you to use the powerful energies and sacredness of the place to discover your own sacredness. Shamans will lead you on outer journey that also becomes a magical inner journey. You will participate in ceremonies and meditations to bring you closer to this magic. On a spiritual retreat in Peru, you will become inspired and moved on a very deep level.

Spiritual retreats to Machu Picchu offer the traveler the opportunity for spiritual growth, as well as an amazing experience in culture and beauty. A tour of this amazing place led by a local Shaman enables you to experience sacred sites and power vortexes at a much more profound level.

You can experience the sacred wisdom of the ancient Incas and follow in their footsteps by taking part in ancient rituals, and meditations in sacred temples. A spiritual retreat in Peru and Machu Picchu will allow you to discover your own magnificence and become truly inspired both spiritually and mentally.

Source by Nanci Blavenstone

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